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NBME Funds Center for Pathway Programs Platform

The National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) has awarded The Center for Pathway Programs an NBME Philanthropic Initiatives Grant in the amount of $25,000. The award provides critical funding to support the development of The Center’s web platform. Read more.

Mentorship: A Matter of Justice and Advocacy

There’s a school of thought that relegates physicians to only treating disease. One resident shares how his mentors are encouraging him to bring his full self to the practice. Read more.

Peer Learning and Power Skills

Being a successful researcher takes more than good grant writing. Duke’s Community of Scholars gives researchers the “power skills” and networks that are fundamental to success. Read more.

Social Media: The Ultimate Tool for Becoming a Triple Threat

What role does social media play in the world of academic medicine? We talked to one physician-researcher for a behind-the-screen look at pros and cons of the platform. Read more.

A Teleshadowing Program Designed with Pandemic in Mind

During the pandemic, shadowing opportunities for pre-meds shut down. This one was “designed with the pandemic in mind”. Read more.

Mentor Story: Remembering Your Why

Itaevia Curry-Chisolm and Kira Allen reflect on what’s kept them connected and focused since meeting in the BOOST Program years ago. Read more.

A Closer Look at the BIGGER Program

The BIGGER Program helps students feel more confident about pursuing research and gaining all they can from a mentor-mentee relationship. Read more.