Welcome to the Center for Pathway Programs


There are many programs that support individuals along their academic and professional journeys in STEM. But until now, there hasn’t been a central hub connecting these programs to prospective applicants and to one another. The Center for Pathway Programs does just that.

For students and professionals, the Center serves as a starting point from which anyone interested in STEM or medicine can find programs that fit their interests and life stage. They can scan what’s available, apply, and be seamlessly connected to other programs that continue their learning once each program is complete.

For pathway programs, the Center serves as a support platform, providing assistance with promotion and recruitment, participant tracking, and program evaluation. This support is not only an administrative advantage but a valuable contribution to the dearth of research on the effectiveness of pathway programs overall.

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Ultimately, the Center seeks to model and evaluate a coordinated versus siloed approach to STEM programming while promoting individual persistence in STEM fields. Click to learn more.

The Center for Pathway Programs is housed within the Duke Clinical and Translational Science Insitute. Click here to learn more about the Center’s mission and strategies.