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High School Programs

three young men and one young woman dressed in white lab coats gather around a tablet in a clinical setting surrounded by medical equipment

Building Opportunities & Overtures in Science & Technology (BOOST)

BOOST (Building Opportunities and Overtures in Science and Technology) is a multidimensional program designed to get middle schoolers excited about science and inspire them to pursue careers in medicine and related fields. High schoolers who have advanced through the program have an opportunity to apply for a paid peer mentor position. Learn more.


Duke University Neuroscience Experience (DUNE) 

DUNE is a paid summer research program based in the Duke Institute of Brain Sciences for rising juniors and senior high school students in the Research Triangle Area. The core mission of our program is to promote participation of traditionally underrepresented groups in STEM, by inundating these students into the scientific process. Learn More.


Duke’s Summer Training in Academic Research (STAR) Program

The objective of Duke’s STAR program is to provide a high-quality research experience for undergraduate students, high school students, and middle and high school teachers during the summer academic break. This program gives participants who are interested in science and medicine real hands-on experience in research methodology and writing. Learn More.


HPREP: Health Profession Recruitment and Exposure Program 

HPREP works to increase the number of minority students entering health professions by exposing underrepresented high school students to opportunities in health fields, information about the unique healthcare needs of their communities, and mentors invested in their professional success. Learn More.

SALUD: Scholar Academy for Latinxs United for Diversity

SALUD’s vision is to empower Durham Latinx youth to be catalysts for progressive change on a personal and communal level. The program’s mission is to inspire Durham Latinx youth to pursue health-related professions by critically exploring health through a social justice lens. Learn More.