Embodiment of emotions and embodiment in religion

This research looks at the relationships among postural, psychological, and physiological aspects of religious practice. It also provided unique data on full-body expressions of positive emotions.

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Affective and biological predictors of religiosity and spirituality

What draws people to religion and spirituality?

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Positive Emotions, Meditation, Behavior Maintenance

This research highlights the role of positive emotions when experienced during religious practice, meditation, and other health behaviors.

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The role of religion for a compassionate world

Does religion promote compassion? If yes, how? These are critical questions we plan to address in a new 3-year grant funded project (Templeton Religion Trust)

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Toward a better understanding of religion's potential dark side

This research looks at the relationships between religion/spirituality, compliance and antisocial behavior.

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Interdisciplinary research: Positive emotions in the Hebrew Bible

This research looks back at the fundamental texts of religion for a qualitative analysis of emotions.

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