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Taking applications for research assistant positions for Spring 2023 semester

The Belief, Affect and Behavior Lab (BABLab) is seeking curious, detail-oriented research assistants to start in the lab during Spring semester 2023. Lab RAs will assist with various projects investigating the relationships between people’s religious/spiritual beliefs, emotions and behavior. Our goal is to introduce students to the various steps and aspects involved in psychological research, including (a) where research ideas “come from”, (b) how definitions and constructs are developed, (c) how data is collected and analyzed, and (d) how findings are interpreted. The lab is currently undergoing a series of online studies investigating how religiosity is associated with empathy and compassion. Additionally, RAs will assist with a project examining the role of religion in intergroup relations, with the specific aim of determining whether aspects of religious beliefs can be used to reduce intergroup prejudice between Christians and members of value-threatening outgroups (e.g., atheists). Students who are interested in gaining hands-on experience in psychology research are encouraged to apply by filling out the application and submitting it to the lab manager, Amanda Bernal, at!