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In addition to working on specific projects I am interested in spatial media, virtual worlds, and database driven narratives as a set of digital media authorship practices. I have a special interest in the future of scholarly work in the humanities, and how multimedia digital productions might complement conventional written work at all levels in the academy and beyond. I have presented my ideas about these areas in various contexts over the last few years, including at the Modern Language Association, Educause, HASTAC, the Society for Literature, Science & the Arts, and various other invited venues.

As part of my involvement in the GreaterThanGames Lab at FHI, and the Wired! Lab in the Visual Studies Initiative, I am mentoring various individual students who wish to use digital methods as part of their research discovery as well as for new kinds of presentation. I am also actively involved in organizing talks, events, and other venues to promote collaborative work in these areas.

Beyond Duke, I am a current member of the MLA Committee on Information Technology, where we are working on guidelines in this area for language and literature scholarship more specifically.


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December 14th, 2011 at 10:25 pm

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