Visualizing Venice

The Visualizing Venice project is an interdisciplinary, multi-campus effort to explore how change over time in urban context can be represented visually. The project’s emphasis is on art and architecture. My special areas of interest are in digital mapping and hypermedia storytelling practices, including augmented reality and mobile apps, game-based systems, and database-driven narratives.

I have co-taught Visualizing Venice summer workshops at Venice International University in June 2012 and June 2013 and am teaching at VIU in Fall 2013. My courses, “Digital Cities and the Cartographic Imagination” and “Web-Based Multimedia Communications” will use the city of Venice as an example and test case for exploring spatial humanities and public communication topics.

Visualizing Venice

Venice International University – Fall 2013

Duke participates in the VV project under the auspices of the Wired! Lab, where I am a core faculty collaborator.

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