Wired! Lab

The Wired! Lab for digital historical visualization and reconstruction projects grew out of courses taught in Art, Art History & Visual Studies and Classics. A core group are exploring the use of 3D modeling, mapping, and other technologies to reconstruct architectural sites, demonstrate change over time, and contextualize historical objects in space. My focus in the lab is on the various technologies of representation we are using to create our virtual artifacts, with special attention to database, mapping, and the use of virtual environments to create annotated models in context. I am part of the Visualizing Venice team, and also bringing in aspects of the Digital Durham 3.0 and Crystal Palace projects into the Lab as case studies and potential future course and/or workshop focii.

Incidentally, we teach workshops on the various Google products – Sketchup, Earth etc. – targeted at humanities scholars interested in change over time. Watch the Wired! site for information about upcoming activities.

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