NC Jukebox

DH2017 in Montreal

Trudi Abel and I participated in a digital pedagogy workshop at on August 8, 2017 at the Digital Humanities 2017 in Montreal, Quebec. We were part of the Innovations in Digital Humanities Pedagogy: Local, National, and International Training (2017) mini-workshop. We talked about NC Jukebox and different Archives Alive based projects.

NC Jukebox at HASTAC and DH2016

Looking forward to sharing the NC Jukebox project at HASTAC in Tempe, AZ and at DH2016 in Krakow! DH2016 HASTAC is always a great experience, of course.  I’m also exceptionally excited for the latter, however, both because getting conected to the international, big-tent DH community is great – and b/c…