Fall 2011 Teaching

Fall 2011 Teaching

ISIS 140/AMI 167/VMS 120 (R, ALP, QS)
Foundations of Web-Based Multimedia Communication

Smith Warehouse, Bay 12, Room 228

Introduction to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for beginners, along with basic multimedia production. Primarily a hands-on coding course, with additional materials on information and graphic design principles. Individual and group projects culminate in an individual hand-crafted informational website on a topic of the student’s choice.

Digital Places and Spaces: Digital Cities

Smith Warehouse, Bay 4, Room C104 (GreaterThanGames Lab)

History, theory, criticism, practice of creating digital places and spaces with maps, virtual worlds, and games. Links to “old,” analog media. Virtual environment and world-building and historical narrative, museum, mapping, and architectural practices. Project-based seminar course w/ critical readings, historical and contemporary examples, world-building. Class exhibitions, critiques, and ongoing virtual showcase. Final projects combine theoretical/critical readings and a novel digital production.

Independent Study Options for undergrads and grads also available in connection with ISIS and the GTG Lab projects (Digital Durham 3.0, multimedia project development, etc.)

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