DOB Update: sampling in Colorado and Wyoming

visiting with pine geneticist Jeff Mitton

DOB crew visiting with  Jeff Mitton

This summer our Dimentions of Ectomycorrhizal Diversity project has been busy sampling pine forests across North America.  We are using next-gen sequencing methods to survey fungal diversity associated with pine forests.   This year,   we  streamlined our protocols for soil sampling so that we could visit more sites.

In  June, our Dimentions crew visited  Colorado and Wyoming to sample over 12 pine forests.  To identify sites for this trip we visited with  pine geneticist Jeff Mitton at the University of Colorado, who shared his extensive knowledge of pines and helped us identify good monodominant sites for sampling.  In Wyoming, we vistied with mycologist Steve Miller, who also showed us some great sites in the Medicine Bow National Forest.

Species sampled: Pinus ponderosa (ponderosa pine), P. contorta (lodgepole pine), P.flexilis (limber pine), P. aristata (bristlecone pine), and P. edulis (pinon pine), as well as Picea englemannii (englemann spruce).   


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