Current Lab Members


Mycology lab (Dec 2016): Rytas Vilgalys, Alejo Rojas, Yi-Hong Ke, Jessie Uehling, Khalid Hameed, Albert Sevchenkov, Yutao Chen

Former Lab Personnel (with apologies for  missing e-links)

  • Brian Looney, ORNL/PMI postdoc, Molecular systematics and evolution of Russulales
  • J. Alejandro Rojas, ORNL/PMI postdoc, plant-microbial interactions.  Currently Asst. Professor, University of Arkansas
  • Jessie Uehling, Ph.D., Duke Univ. Program in Genetics and Genomics, microbial genetics and systematics; currently Asst. Professor, Oregon State University.
  • Hui-Ling (Sunny) Liao, Ph.D., Asst. Professor, University of Florida, North Florida Research and Education Center
  • Posy Busby, Ph.D. Asst. Professor, Oregon State University, endophyte ecology and evolution
  • Dr. Andrii Gryganskyi, ‘zygomycetes’  (contact Andrii)
  • Nicholas Pun, graduate student
  • Renee Johansen, Visiting Fulbright Scholar from the Univ. of Auckland, mycorrhizal ecology of dune grasses (currently postdoc, Los Alamos National Laboratory)
  • Dr. Gwendolyn Williams, fungal ecology, mycorrhizal succession
  • Gregory Bonito, Ph.D., Asst. Professor, Michigan State University, truffle ecology and systematics, mycorrhizal ecology
  • Maria-Soledad Benitez, Ph.D., Research Scientist, North Central Agricultural Research Laboratory, Brookings, SD
  • Hannah Reynolds, Ph.D. Phylogeography of Elaphomyces (photo),
  • Matthew E. Smith, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Univ. Florida, molecular ecology and systematics (photo)
  • Brantlee Spakes Richter, Ph.D., Instructor, Univ. Florida (photo)
  • Marianela Rodriguez-Carres, Ph.D. Rhizoctonia systematics, phylogenomics. (photo)
  • Dennis Drehmel, Ph.D., fungal pharmocognosy
  • Terri Porter, Ph.D., Canadian Barcode Consortium, McMaster University, Chytrid molecular evolution, Phylogenomics (photo)
  • Jason Jackson, Ph.D. soil microbial ecology (photo)
  • Michelle Hersh, Ph.D., Asst. Professor, Sarah Lawrence College, host-pathogen ecology (photo)
  • Heath O’Brien, Ph.D., Research Scientist, University of Bristol, School of Biological Sciences.  (photo)
  • Stephanie Diezmann, Ph.D., assistant professor, University of Bath, yeast evolutionary genetics (photo)
  • Timothy James, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, University of Michigan. Population genetics and mating type evolution in fungi.  (photo)
  • Jeri Parrent, Ph.D., currently at University of Guelph.  Molecular ecology of mycorrhizal fungi. (photo)
  • Jianping Xu, Ph.D., associate professor at McMaster University.
  • Rebecca Yahr, Ph.D., Royal Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh, Scotland.  Systematics and population biology of lichenized fungi. (photo)
  • Annette Golonka, Ph.D., is an assistant professor at theUniv. South Carolina at Lancaster.   Ph.D.: Ecological genetics of nectar-inhabiting microorganisms.
  • Ana Litvintseva, Ph.D.,  an assistant research professor in the Dept. of  Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, Duke University Medical Center
  • Valerie Hofstetter, Ph.D., currently at Agroscope in Switzerland. Molecular systematics of the Lyophylleae.  (photo)
  • Daniel Henk, Ph.D., Asst. Professor, Univ. of Bath.  Molecular systematics and ecology of Septobasidium.  (photo)
  • Austen Piwakawaka Ganley, Ph.D.,  is an assistant professor at Massey University, New Zealand.  Concerted evolution of ribosomal DNA in fungi. (photo)
  • Jason Thacker, M.S. molecular evolution of laccase genes, systematics, computer programming (photo)
  • Terry Henkel, Ph.D., is an associate professor at the Univ. of California at Humboldt.   Biodiversity of tropical fungi including ecology and systematics (photo)
  • Bob Marra, Ph.D., is an assistant agricultural scientist at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, New Haven CT (photo)
  • Jean-Marc Moncalvo, Ph.D., is associate curator the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.  Phylogenetic diversity of the Agaricales, alsoGanoderma.  (photo)
  • Anne Pringle, Ph.D., Assoc. Professor, University of Wisonsin
  • James L. Johnson, Ph.D., is an assistant professor at University of Central Washington, Ellensburg
  • David S. Hibbett, Ph.D., is a professor at Clark University
  • Francois Lutzoni, Ph.D.,  is a professor at Duke University
  • Joseph Spatafora, Ph.D.,  is a professor at Oregon State University
  • Dolores Gonzales, Ph.D.,  is at the Instituto deEcologia, Xalapa, Vera Cruz, Mexico
  • Jacqui Johnson, Ph.D., is an instructor in the Biology Dept at Fordham University
  • Peggy Schultz, Ph.D.,  is a research scientist the Biology Dept., Univ. Kansas
  • John Hopple, Ph.D., is an assistant professor at the Biology department at Ithaca College
  • Wendy Untereiner, Ph.D., is a professor at Brandon University, Manitoba, Canada
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