Previous Vilgalys lab web sites
unfortunately many of the older links have expired, but at least one has recently been re-uploaded.

Some useful web sites for mushroom identification
Mushroom Observer
Taylor Lockwood photos
George Barron’s mushroom website
Fungal Collections database (

Fungal Phylogeny: Here is a link to the Deep Hypha issue of Mycologia with articles that summarize recent advances in fungal systematics.

MycoWeb also has a good overview on molecular systematics of Basidiomycota:

Mushroom cultivation: some useful sites for information 
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service
University of Vermont
Recommended suppliers of spawn and materials for mushroom cultivation:
Field and Forest fungi (
Fungi Perfecti (
Mushroom Mountain (

Other worthwhile mycological web sites to visit (and there are many)
Mushroom Meetup group (Research Triangle Area, NC)
Introduction to Fungal DNA Barcoding (by W. Pa. Mushroom Club)
Fungal Phylogeny / Tree of Life
North American Mycological Association
Mycological Society of America
Vilgalys lab at Duke
Bruns & Taylor labs, UC Berkeley
Mycology at LSU (Meredith Blackwell)
Tim James’ mycology lab at Michigan
Tom Volk’s web site
Jason Stajich’s Fungal Blog


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  1. Alina Grigorescu says:

    Dear Vilgalys team,

    It looks like many of the links listed as “Previous Vilgalys lab web sites” cannot be accessed anymore.

    I would like to cite the link “rDNA primer sequences for fungal sequencing” into one of my papers for which I used primers SR2, SR7, SR7R and SR10R for sequencing.

    Would you kindly provide me the correct link that I could cite into my paper or a reference of yours that provides the sequences of the four mentioned primers?

    Many thanks,

  2. Rytas Vilgalys says:

    Sorry the original link has been retired – but now reposted….

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