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PEP Effectiveness Figure
Use of PEP modules by high school teachers nationwide results in increased student knowledge of biology and chemistry. Teacher knowledge improved too.

The effectiveness of PEP to improve high school biology and chemistry has been demonstrated in 3 national studies. These studies have been published in high quality journals and can be downloaded here.

Teaching High School Chemistry in the Context of Pharmacology Helps Both Teachers and Students Learn
Journal of Chemical Education (2011) 88, 744-750.
Teachers received professional development via distance learning to incorporate PEP into their curricula. 2,903 of their students showed that the integration of the PEP modules led to an increase in the students’ biology and chemistry knowledge.

Pharmacology in the High-School Classroom
Science (2007) 317, 1871-1872.
Teachers received professional development during the NSTA conference on how to incorporate the same scientific modules into their school curricula. Data collected from 7,210 high school students demonstrated an increase in their biology and chemistry knowledge.

Integrating Pharmacology Topics in High School Biology and Chemistry Classes Improve Performance
Journal of Research and Science Teaching (2003) 40, 922-938.
Teachers received professional development during a week at Duke University on how to incorporate PEP modules into their curricula. Data were collected from 2,416 high school students showed that the more PEP modules used, the better students performed in biology and chemistry.

High school students demonstrated an increase in their biology and chemistry knowledge independent of the form of professional development that their teachers received.