The forced movement of dispossessed peoples around European regions has been enriching cultures over centuries.  How to deepen the cultural history of migration through the literary & visual arts and politics?

A research group of faculty and students from Romance Studies and Art, Art History and Visual Studies pursued this question through an experimental set of exhibitions (2016-18).

A comparative volume of essays is in progress. The collection takes up three test cases from areas where Romance languages, Arabic, Wolof, Somali, and Kurdish are spoken: Calais, Italy, Spain and its enclaves in Morocco. It juxtaposes the early modern history and fictions with contemporary events and the responses of writers as well as artists.

Contributors: James Amelang (UAMadrid), Vincent Joos (Florida State), & Eric LeLeu (professional photographer), Kristina Olson (George Mason), Pedro Raposo (Adler Planetarium), Raquel Salvatella de Prada, Saskia Ziolkowski, Helen  Solterer (Duke).

Image: Alán José,  Elvira Vilches