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To mark the centenary of Joyce’s landmark novel, Ulysses:  a re-issue of this book by C.P. Curran, my grandfather and a lifelong friend of the writer.

The accompanying set of new essays  that I edited with Alice Ryan widens the literary, artistic and political contexts around Joyce and Curran; together they offer an uncommon picture of their cohort in Dublin — and Paris.  A special edition includes an original architectural drawing by Jennifer O’Donnell and Jonathan Janssens.



An adaptation of Medieval Roles for Modern Times in French with a longer image narrative in color, including painting of Ivan Bilibin, drawings of Mstislav Dobuzhinsky and, for the first time, the early photography of  Alain Resnais,  as well as a letter-sketch of Jean-Michel Atlan (1943).

Resnais, Roland Dubillard, Roland Barthes, Paul Zumthor and their theatrical work all appear in the book.

Un Moyen Âge républicain was featured at the History Book Festival of Blois, France, and in the debate: Does the Middle Ages belong to the Right?

Role-playing dramatis personae of Christian mystery plays and secular comedy proves a surprising medium initiating the generations of two World Wars into political struggles between Left and Right, religious quests, as well as avant-garde inventions.

An amateur theater troupe launched by Sorbonne scholar Gustave Cohen and its performances in Europe and the Americas reveal the powerful effects of acting in this premodern tradition; from the trenches of Verdun, to the Ecole libre in New York, to the hideaways of the Jewish Resistance where lead actor and radio critic Moussa Abadi put his skills to work saving children from deportation.

An investigation in histoire croisée.

Defamation—the idea that words do damage—was one answer to the misogyny engrained in vernacular culture. This book adopts the structure of the premodern disputation to pursue how authors representing women pose the question of verbal injury, how writers took up the challenge of fictive works that can prove harmful. Through the figure of a woman respondent, the book examines the first literary debates; it contends that Christine de Pizan, Alain Chartier, Richard Fournival and those around them help write an early, decisive chapter of a history of verbal injury.

Co-Winner of the Scaglione Prize in French & Francophone Studies, the Master and Minerva is available through UCpress here.

A contribution to the intellectual history of the discipline that introduces unrecognized figures, archives, and artwork.

Articles on feminist historian Edith Thomas, critic writer Paul Zumthor, art critic Meyer Schapiro, and cultural critic Johan Huizinga, among others.