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Albert Wood: Lectures

May 15, 2024
TITLE: Infinite-Time Singularities of Lagrangian Mean Curvature Flow

ABSTRACT: Lagrangian mean curvature flow is the name given to the phenomenon that, in a Calabi-Yau manifold, the class of Lagrangian submanifolds is preserved under mean curvature flow. An influential conjecture of Thomas and Yau, refined since by Joyce, proposes to utilise the Lagrangian mean curvature flow to prove that certain Lagrangian submanifolds may be expressed as a connect sum of volume minimising ‘special Lagrangians’.

This talk is an exposition of recent joint work with Wei-Bo Su and Chung-Jun Tsai, in which we exhibit a Lagrangian mean curvature flow which exists for infinite time and converges to an immersed special Lagrangian. This demonstrates one mechanism by which the above decomposition into special Lagrangians may occur, and is also the first example of an infinite-time singularity of Lagrangian mean curvature flow. Our construction is a parabolic analogue of work of Dominic Joyce and Yng-Ing Lee on desingularisation of special Lagrangians with conical singularities, and is inspired by the work of Simon Brendle and Nikolaos Kapouleas on ancient solutions of the Ricci flow.

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