Duke University

 Svevo and world literature flyer 2024

Jewish Italy and its literatures most ancient minority 2024

America from Abroad: Literature and Cinema (in English with an Italian preceptorial), Spring 2020, 2021

Modern European Short Fiction (in English with an Italian preceptorial), Fall 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020

Svevo and World Literature (Graduate Seminar, in English), Fall 2013, 2018, Spring 2021

Bundism in 20th Century Jewish Literature (Honors Thesis/Independent Study), Fall 2020

Italian Zionism during the Fascist Period (Undergraduate Independent Research Study), Spring 2020

Adaptation: Cinema & Literature (First-Year Seminar, in English), Fall 2015, 2016, Spring 2020                      

Myths of Rome and Jerusalem in Fascist Italy (Undergraduate Independent Research Study), Fall 2019

Comparative Modernisms (Graduate Seminar, in English with Italian preceptorial), Spring 2019

Austrian Literature, Critical Approaches (Graduate Independent Study), Spring 2019

Jewish Italy and its Literatures: The Most Ancient Minority (included trip to Italy), Spring 2018

Modern German and Italian Jewish Literature (Graduate Independent Study), Spring 2018

Cultures of Fascism (co-taught with Roberto Dainotto), Fall 2017

Introduction to Italian Culture: Language, Literature & Film (In Italian),  Spring 2015—2017

The Mysteries of Italian Port Cities (Venice International University), Spring 2017

Twentieth-Century Italian Novel: Gender and Genre (Independent Study),  Spring 2015

Anni settanta: Fiction and Film (Supervising two graduate students), Spring 2014

Fascism in Italian Literature & Film (In English),  Fall 2013

Writing Workshop (In Italian),  2012—13

Intermediate Italian2009—10, Fall 2012

The Italian Kafkaesque: From Talking Animals to Cruel Families (In Italian), Fall 2009

Mafia in the Movies, Teaching Assistant (Italian preceptorial), Fall 2009

University of California, Berkeley 

Kafka and World Literature (In English, Spring 2012); Modern Jewish Italian Authors (In English, Fall 2011); Independent Study (Supervised an Italian Honors Thesis, 2010-2011); Trieste and Turin: Literary Communities (In Italian, Spring 2011); The Italian Kafkaesque (In Italian, Fall 2010)

Columbia University 

Kafka in the City: New York, Prague, Trieste (Summer 2008); Literature Humanities: Masterpieces of Western Literature & Philosophy (2006—07); Elementary Italian I and II (2003—06); Intensive 

Elementary Italian I  (Summer 2005, Summer 2006)