Panels, Talks, and Conferences that I have been involved in organizing.

Embodied Borders, AAIS panel co-organized with Kathleen LaPenta.

Mia Fuller’s lecture, “Words and Other Materials: Fascist-Era Italian Architecture and its  Historiography,” Duke University, April 2019.

Igiaba Scego’s lecture, “The Challenge of Being an Afro-Italian Writer,” Duke University, March 2019.

“Teaching Igiaba Scego” Roundtable for AAIS 2019.

Lessing Society Panel, “Lessing and World Literature,” for MLA 2017.

“A Decade After Italian Modernism,” session for AAIS 2015.

“Diaries, Notebooks, and Journals in the Italian Literary Landscape,” session for AAIS 2015

“Austro-Italian Encounters,” two panels for AAIS 2014.

“Italian Cultures, Contexts, Images, and Texts,” Italian II Panel at SAMLA 2013.

Co-organizer of the conference “Modernism’s Disconnections” at Duke University, 2018. 

Co-Organizer & Chair, “From the Page to the Italian Screen,” SAMLA 2015.

Co-Director, Kafka and the Kafkaesque Film Series, 2014-2015.

Co-Director, Whose Kafka? Lecture Series, 2014-2015.

Organizer and Chair, “Austro-Italian” a panel for AAIS 2013.

Chair and Secretary, “Travel, Immigration, and Exile in Italy,” Italian II A & B Panels at SAMLA 2012.  

Member, Steering Committee, “Canoni assenti: A Comparative Conference on Italian Poetry,” Symposium, Columbia University, 2005-2006.

Co-coordinator, “A Peninsula Against Itself: Competing Visions of Italy,” Graduate Student Conference, Columbia University, 2005.