2020 Donations

March: Madagascar

James Herrera, researcher with SAVA Conservation and the Duke Lemur Center, delivered medical supplies to clinics in Sambava, Madascar.  SAVA supports education, health and sustainable practices among the local communities to protect the forests and biodiversity in this region, including Marojejy National Park.

March: Liberia

Fourteen pallets of medical supplies were shipped to hospitals in Liberia with the help of Amanda Thomas, RN, nurse manager at Duke Primary Care and The Liberian Community Organization of the Triangle, in Raleigh, NC

March: Ukraine

A truckload of supplies were donated to the Ukranian Association of North Carolina for delivery to war-stressed hospitals in the Ukraine.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the cancellation of  most travel from Spring 2020- Spring 2021, no further donations were made overseas during this time. However, REMEDY was able to donate toiletries and other personal care items to the Durham Rescue Mission in December 2020.



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