How To Request Supplies


Requests for single-use, disposable medical supplies are handled directly through REMEDY at Duke. Contact the REMEDY coordinator ( to obtain a supply request application.  Please submit requests as far in advance as possible of the date needed in order to increase the chances that we might have the supplies you need.  Due to limited storage space we do not keep a large standing inventory of surplus supplies, and certain items are always in high demand (e.g. surgical supplies, bandages, antiseptics, suture, etc).

Once a request is reviewed and approved, supplies will be offered in the order received.  All supplies are provided as they become available and we cannot guarantee we will have all the items or quantities requested.

Requests for surplus medical equipment such as monitors, machines, electrosurgical and other durable patient care equipment are processed by the Duke Global Health Institute’s “Duke PLUS” program.  Applications for these types of items may be obtained by contacting

Duke faculty, employees, residents and students are given priority for receiving surplus materials to support global health projects in which they participate. These projects do not have to be sponsored by Duke, but must be affiliated with a non-profit organization willing to accept liability for their use.  Recipients are responsible for ensuring that the supplies are dispensed and used appropriately by trained medical professionals.

Non-profit organizations not directly affiliated with Duke may also request supplies as they are available.

Supply Pick up and Distribution:

REMEDY at Duke does not itself sponsor or perform medical work overseas, but supports Duke organizations, individual Duke medical staff and students, and other area non-profit organizations who have the ability to transport and dispense medical supplies appropriately.

Each individual or organization is responsible for picking up and transporting their supplies from our warehouse facility in Durham, NC.  REMEDY at Duke does not have the capacity to ship either domestically or overseas.

REMEDY at Duke is run by a small group of individuals who volunteer in their spare time. Any help you or members of your group can provide to sort and pack the supplies you request will be much appreciated!


All recipients will agree to the following disclaimer, included with all donated items:

“This box contains surplus medical supplies recovered from patient care units of Duke University Medical Center. These materials are offered “as is”, and with no express or implied warranty of merchantability. These medical supplies are not being sold. They are a donation made within the charitable mission of Duke University Health System, Inc. The recipient of these medical supplies accepts this donation understanding the nature and purpose of the donation, and agrees they are not to be sold.”“The recipient of these medical supplies agrees that caution will be exercised when removing and handling the supplies in this box. The recipient agrees to examine and inspect each item to determine its suitability for patient use and agrees that each item must be sterilized by the recipient before patient use. Duke University Health System, Inc. makes no assurance or representation of the sterility of these medical supplies or their appropriateness for use in patient care. The recipient accepts all responsibility and liability for use or handling of these medical supplies. Duke University Health System, Inc. makes the donation of these medical supplies to the recipient in express reliance on the terms of this Disclaimer, and the recipient accepts this donation with the recipient’s agreement to the terms of this Disclaimer.”