2022 Donations

February and April: Ukraine

Since 2014, REMEDY at Duke has collaborated with Ukrainians in the Carolinas, a non-profit based in Raleigh, NC that has provided medical assistance to soldiers and other victims of the ongoing conflict with Russia in eastern Ukraine through the program Revived Soldiers Ukraine ( https://www.rsukraine.org ) When the Russian invasion accelerated in February 2022, the need for medical support for both soldiers and civilians increased dramatically.

REMEDY has so far coordinated two donations of medical/surgical supplies totaling approximately 60 cartons, including PPE, respiratory, urinary, IV, wound care supplies, toiletries and personal care items.

April: Honduras and Guatemala

Two groups of Duke School of Nursing students and faculty traveled to sites in Guatemala and Honduras as part of clinical immersion brigades providing primary care and basic health services to local communities. REMEDY provided a variety of medical supplies to fill 4 large duffle bags for these trips.

May: Moldova

Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe. Following its independence from the Soviet Union, the North Carolina Department of State established a partnership with the government of Moldova to foster economic, social and educational exchange and provide financial and material support to its institutions https://www.sosnc.gov/divisions/moldova_partnership . Since 2010, REMEDY at Duke has participated in this partnership by donating medical supplies, shipped with the cooperation of the NC Guard.  This recent donation amounted to 10 pallets of PPE and other items. Although it is difficult to assess the value of surplus items, the estimated cost of these supplies if purchased new would have been approximately $50,000.

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