What is REMEDY at Duke?

REMEDY at Duke is a volunteer-run program organized in 2004 to recover usable surplus medical supplies from Duke Hospital and donate them via Duke-affiliated and other non-profit global health projects to areas of need.

The Surplus Problem:

In an effort to improve safety and convenience, the U.S. health care system utilizes a wide array of disposable, “single-use” items. Strict regulatory and risk-management practices, frequent changes in technology and supply sourcing often make it difficult to recycle, re-process or return many of these usable supplies.  As a result, United States health systems produce about 6 million tons of waste each year, resulting in high purchasing and disposal costs and increased carbon emissions.  Meanwhile, patients in medically under-served communities around the world suffer from the lack of even the most basic medical supplies.

Our Mission

We work with Duke Health System administrators and staff to promote environmental sustainability at Duke and support Duke’s global health and community service missions:

  • Reduce waste and promote resource sustainability through the recovery and recycling of usable surplus medical supplies
  • Reduce disparities in global health care through the donation of medical supplies to areas of need
  • Promote awareness of global health issues within the Duke and greater Durham community
  • Provide a community service opportunity for Duke students, faculty and staff