Grading Group Participation

Group work sends shivers down people’s spines.  But in an online course it is a way to encourage collaboration.  Students learn from each other and if they can’t see each other in class they need to be encouraged to see each other online.

Example of Team Participation Assignment
Group participation tool(19 Kb) 

At the end of the semester please fill out one of these forms for  your group.

Put your name and the name for each of your team members on the form. Then evaluate yourself and each team member using the scale across the top.  The form is an excel spread sheet and will automatically compute each person’s average score.

When you are finished you can submit to your instructor following the assignment link.

I will use the information from each of your team members to compute a team participation score for you.  This score will be a part of your participation grade in this class.

Thank You.

Jane Blood-Siegfried (2012) Duke University School of Nursing syllabus N301.