Postdoc position available

We are seeking a postdoc to assume a lead role in studying the F-actin-independent furrow-ingression mechanism in Chlamydomonas.  Please follow the link for details and feel free to email Masa Onishi at

New on bioRxiv: Our paper on Furrowing without F-actin

Cleavage-furrow formation without F-actin in Chlamydomonas

Masayuki Onishi, James G Umen, Frederick R Cross, John R Pringle

Onishi Lab is Opening in January 2020!

We will investigate the fundamental core mechanisms of cytokinesis and their evolution from the common ancestors, using Chlamydomonas in our lab, and with collaborators who use other systems.  Join us for this exciting expedition!!

Septins, cytokinesis, and ER stress – Collaboration paper

A collaboration paper with Maho Niwa’s lab at UCSD on an intriguing behavior of the septin ring under ER stress has been published in Developmental Cell.