Year 2: Energy—Videos

Amazon Wind Farm

Horace Pritchard is the fourth generation to farm in North Carolina. His land is near Elizabeth City, NC. His wind turbines were the first in the area and deliver energy into the electrical grid that supplies Amazon Web Services Cloud data centers.

Electricity Need

Electricity powers just about everything in our homes - light, heat, cooking. But some in North Carolina can't afford electricity regularly.

Help With Insulation

In an innovative program called Upgrade to Save, a North Carolina utility is taking on the upfront cost of adding insulation to homes and businesses. The customer pays off the fee over time.

Light Rail

Durham and Orange Counties in N.C. are developing plans for a light rail.

Bill Brown & NET Power

Bill Brown is CEO of 8 Rivers Capital and NET Power. His organizations are thinking creatively about the future of energy.

Atlantic Coast Pipeline

David McGowan, Executive Director of the N.C. Petroleum Council talks about the Atlantic Coast Natural Gas Pipeline that's in development. If approved, the pipeline will run across three states and will deliver natural gas to eastern North Carolina.

Okracoke Microgrid

Officials on Ocracoke Island are experimenting with a microgrid project. Electricity from solar panels is captured and stored in batteries. The project supplements electricity coming from other sources.