The North Carolina Leadership Forum (NCLF)

The North Carolina Leadership Forum (NCLF) provides an opportunity for civic, business and political leaders from across North Carolina to discuss issues central to the future of our state.

The forum is a program of the Office of the Provost at Duke University, and jointly funded by the Duke Endowment, the John William Pope Foundation, and the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation.

The Forum provides a venue for North Carolina leaders to discuss the nature of the challenges, to understand different points of view about how to address them, and to advance mutually acceptable solutions that improve the lives of North Carolinians.

Year 1: Jobs

 The 2016-2017 NCLF involved a year-long conversation focused on the question: how can we enable more North Carolinians to earn enough to support their families?

A Message From NCLF Co-Chairs, John Hood and Leslie Winner

Year 2: Energy

The 2017-2018 NCLF—conducted in partnership with the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions and the Duke University Energy Initiative—addressed how North Carolina can best meet the future energy needs of its residents and businesses.

Duke’s support for this initiative reflects the university’s commitment to North Carolina and its mission of placing knowledge in the service of society.

Year 3: Education

The 2018-2019 NCLF addressed what role choice should play in North Carolina elementary and secondary education, and what array of educational options the state should fund in order to provide a quality education for every child.