Top Three Reasons to Consider Being an Intern

So it’s the summer after your freshman or sophomore year in college (maybe even junior year), and you have nothing else to do besides go home and watch sitcoms with your cat and moma. Why not be productive this summer and consider taking on an internship? Internships can give you great insight into the field that you would like to work in. Plus, there’s always great coffee in the office’s kitchen! Here are the top three reasons why you should consider being an intern:

1) You are young!!! People love receiving ideas from young, beautiful, witty people like you! You are all over that social media, pop star news AND national debates. Why wouldn’t an executive company want your ideas? You need to remember that your youth does not only mean you are not old enough to legally purchase alcoholic drinks, but it also means that you bring a new and creative perspective into the sphere of work which you are participating.

2) Networking!!! Did anyone ever tell you how important it was for you to get to know your teacher’s friend’s father’s college roommate? Because your teacher’s friend’s father’s college roommate is the president of some-huge-corporation-that-you-aspire-to-work-for. When you become an intern you will have the great opportunity to meet some pretty distinguished and amazing people. These people are doing great things to help our world. Whether it is attorneys, doctors, CEOs, or even hair dressers—they are all there. And once you develop a great connection with them throughout your internship, they are more than likely to help you in the future.

3) And lastly, but most importantly. You will gain a sense of confidence (if you did not have one already, or if like me, it was lackin’ in some areas). Your supervisors will ask you to read an article and write a summary. That’s right they will TRUST that you read the article coherently and are now providing a full on summary about what exactly the article was about. You may have to present ideas and research in front of panels; you may call people in other states, other countries to ask them for advice and or favors; you may even be in charge of ordering all of the 156 donuts for next week’s meeting. If you feel that you could use a confidence booster, get an internship! It’s the best way to enhance your self-esteem and learn how to present yourself through a credible and ideally manner.

1 thought on “Top Three Reasons to Consider Being an Intern

  1. Hey, I sense the blog strategy of a numbered list is hot for the Moxie women these past few weeks! David Letterman, watch out. Now, my challenge to you is why #1 “You are Young.” Can’t we keep interning through life? It is a wonderful learning journey! 😉

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