Using your Stipend

It is solely your responsibility to ensure the security of your stipend funds, to use the funds DukeEngage has awarded you for the purpose(s) described in the DukeEngage New York program, and to fully complete your DukeEngage experience.

Transportation – Taxi from airport $70-100 – MTA 30-day pass $137 x 2

Contingency – $100 for sunscreen, random taxi, checked bag fees, stuff you forgot

Food – You’ll have to cook to have enough to make the stipend last. Divide up the rest of your stipend into weekly/daily amount for food, so you know when you can splurge on a coffee or a dinner out or when you need to pack a lunch!

Budget Tips:
– Don’t go to a grocery store hungry.
– Buy snacks in bulk.
– Drink water or use crystal light packets instead of buying a drink for lunch.
– Make coffee in the morning before going to work.
– Bake together rather than getting dessert out.
– Share meals and plan for group cooking.
– If you like to go out, go out for lunch, and not for dinner (less expensive).
– Take leftovers home (make two meals out of food that you get out).
– Compromise with group (different group members have different expectations for money- important for group cohesion).
– Be frugal the first few weeks of the program, and spend money towards the end when you know you have saved enough.
– Buy off-brand products.
– Use coupons and groupons.
– Make a list before you go to the store.
– Get a membership card to grocery stores.
– Use your student ID card to get discounts at restaurants.

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