Off-Site Travel Form

If you plan to travel off-site, you must email this information to the Program Director and the Site Coordinator, and it must be approved BEFORE you leave. You will not be excused from any group programming at any time during the summer.


Program site:

Travel overview:


Cell phone number:

Date & time of departure:

Date & time of return:

Mode of transportation (train, bus, air, car, etc.):

Itinerary (please include details for all transit to and from the site):

    Departure and arrival location –
    Time of departure and arrival –
    Carrier(s) –
    Route or flight number(s) –
    Connecting information –



Please include all accommodations details for your off-site travel and call program staff with any changes to your reservation.

Name(s) of accommodations:


Phone number(s):

Dates at each location:

List of other students who are traveling with you on this exact itinerary:

Contact information for all travel companions:

Student Signature:


Forms are due by 12PM the Friday before you plan to leave.

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