Why am I on this planet?

Lorena is a rising sophomore interning at Legal Momentum this summer.

Hey there! My name is Lorena Garcia and I am a sophomore at Duke University. When I heard about he Duke Engage Project, I thought to myself, “Woah! Who wouldn’t apply to this amazing, FREE, community service program?” Right, wouldn’t you? So early on, I began to look at the different programs and I thought about applying to an international program. With time, I decided that I was not ready to go abroad and do community service in an impoverished country. I felt that I was not ready for that type of experience. Most importantly,  if I could not prepare myself mentally, then I would not be able to help others effectively. I decided to look at the domestic programs…and THAT’S when I saw the New York City Duke Engage program. The feminist in me felt thrilled and invited to apply to this program. This program is perfect for ME!

So, this summer I will be participating in the Moxie Project with Ada Gregory. I will be working with the National Judicial Education Program of Legal Momentum,  a program that strives to end domestic violence and sexual abuse. The work  may be similar to  my work-study job in Durham where I work with a non-profit called Durham Connects and help mothers all over Durham County—many of those mothers live in poor conditions and my team and I assist them to Medicaid and Food Stamps. To be honest with you, I have never worked with anyone dealing with domestic violence or sexual abuse (at least, not that I know of). However, I am soooo excited to immerse myself in this type of atmosphere this summer. It will definitely be a life-changing experience.

planetAt Duke, I am a sociology and global health double major and on the premed route,  aspiring to be a pediatrician. Another side of me would like to help others through legal work, service or even beginning my own non-profit. This program could help me mold my goals and dreams and maybe even transform my entire aspirations. I often reflect on what I want to do for the rest of my life:

Why am I on this planet?

My entire life I have dreamed of being a doctor… but never have I given any other career any thought, until this spring when I took a Women Studies class at Duke. I realized that there are many issues out there that I would like to address. Maybe I can help others, in another manner outside of the medical field. THIS EXACT thought is what led me to the Moxie Project–to spend eight weeks giving all I can to hopefully make a change.



2 thoughts on “Why am I on this planet?

  1. Hi Lorena

    I’m one of your friendly readers! I was caught by your comment about not being ready to help in a developing country.

    I have been trying to learn that it is not my role to help, but to be a partner — to anyone. Working in international development, I have to catch myself every day to walk away from my assumption that I have the knowledge, I have the answer, I am the helper. We are all in this lovely network, but the flow goes in all directions.

    Anyway… you got me all introspective! 😉 I look forward to reading your blog posts!

    Nancy White T80 and Women’s Studies Supporter

    • Hi Nancy,
      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I really like how you have worded the work that I will be doing this summer. I felt that I didn’t know how to express exactly what I would be doing, and you have phrased it perfectly.

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