Catching Up

Having taken an introduction to public policy course this spring, I have begun to assess Sanctuary For Families using a certain type of analysis. As Sanctuary’s newest “tweeter,” my tasks involve tracking larger policies that are trending in the news, like VAWA and TVPJA. I tweet relevant news to our followers with the hope of spreading Sanctuary’s mission and informing the general public of problems such as domestic violence and sex trafficking.  As I learn more about these policies and bills, I begin to dig waaaaaay back in my brain to our class’s discussion of policy and politics and the interaction between the two. Working at Sanctury affords me the opportunity to observe how policy functions on a small scale. While certain laws may be in place, it is not always clear that the government is enforcing such laws.

Thus far, I have observed that Sanctuary must fill in the gaps that the government does not reach. While domestic violence and sex trafficking are illegal, Sanctuary provides services to victims who have not been protected by the State. Through various different clinical services, Sanctuary staff members recognize the need and act on it.  In addition, however, Sanctuary’s legal staff puts forth new laws and amendments to refine and improve the laws already in place.

At this juncture, I feel that Sanctuary is stuck playing catch-up, as it is forced to deal with the inadequacies of our government before it can pave the path in new territory.

2 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. You have identified the harsh reality that we can have the best policy and laws that are intended to help people, but we need resources to make those laws effective. Groups like yours are so important to bridge that gap and even the smallest steps can go a long way in making a difference.

  2. I think you’ve also identified one of the key benefits of a program like this – taking the classroom into the real world and seeing first hand how the framework necessarily shifts.

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