Let’s say you had some hierarchical text such as the 5 Phases of a Project.  The outline below is a multilevel list.  As you can see, it looks very complex and is also hard to process the content.  A graphical representation of the outlined text is a better solution and also easier to explain and follow during a presentation.  There is an old saying, “a picture paints a thousand words”.  In this case, converting the text outline to a diagram also makes it more presentable and interesting.   See the steps below (green box) on how to convert the Outlined Text into a Smart Art Graphic in PowerPoint.  Also note, our L&OD PowerPoint Level 2 course covers various examples of Smart Art Graphics.


You can follow along with all the steps to convert text into a smart art graphic in PowerPoint by clicking HERE.

If you’d like more hands-on experience, please join us for the next PowerPoint Level 2 class in December.