Professional Development Excellence Certificate opportunities are open to all Duke employees and are available in several disciplines based on specific areas of professional responsibility. Choosing to pursue one of L&OD’s certificate programs demonstrates to your leaders and your colleagues an ongoing interest in and commitment to continuous learning and professional growth. When considering which certificate program may be right for you, we encourage you to:

  1. Discuss the Certificate of Excellence options and your career development interests with your manager or supervisor.
    • Certificates of Excellence Options
      • Communication Certificate of Excellence
      • Self-Leadership Certificate of Excellence
      • Management & Leadership Certificate of Excellence
      • Supervisory Certificate Excellence
      • Training Certificate of Excellence
      • Technology Certificate of Excellence
  2. Complete an application for each Certificate of Excellence here
  3. Chart your progress towards a Certificate of Excellence!

Certificate track requirements were standardized between 2013 – 2022 to allow participants to take a combination of core courses and electives. Effective, January 1, 2023 the Certificates of Excellence have specific core coursework requirements and candidates will no longer need to meet an elective requirement.

New Requirements and New Certificates are here!

    • Those seeking a Certificate of Excellence must submit a completed application. Multiple certificates may be worked on at the same time, as long as the courses are completed within three years.
    • All Certificates of Excellence must be completed within three years and L&OD encourages you to take at least two courses per year until the certificate is complete.
    • Courses are instructor-led by an L&OD facilitator either online or virtually. There is no requirement for the number of course hours completed, except when pursuing a Technology Certificate of Excellence. Candidates for the Technology Certificate must complete a total 32-hours of required coursework, by completing four eight-hour courses.
    • Managers should be involved in the identification and selection of the certificate their employee is applying for.

Please note: L&OD required a number of elective courses as part of each certificate before 2023. This transition to all core classes may present some challenges. There may be courses you have already taken as part of a certificate and now they are considered core for a different certificate. As long as those courses were taken in the last three years, they may be counted toward the new certificate. If it has been longer than three years since you were in that elective class, you will need to re-enroll in a new offering of that course. There is always something new to learn!