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Feature on how Godspell  was filmed, including lots of original footage, and interviews with David Greene and John-Michael Tebelak.  This was included as a VHS extra but is not currently available on DVD.  It is on Youtube in three parts:


Godspell (IMDb)
IMDb’s entry on Godspell including full cast, crew, etc.

Bible Films Blog: Godspell 
Posts on Matt Page’s Bible Films Blog about Godspell.  Note in particular the podcast and the Scene Guide.

NT Blog: Godspell
Posts on my NT Blog about Godspell.

Where can I get hold of Godspell?

  • The film is not currently on any of the streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, etc.), though you may be able to find unofficial copies on youtube and via other means.
  • The film occasionally turns up on TV, but not very often.
  • There is a DVD version but it is pretty “vanilla”.  It is also available on Amazon Instant Video.  It is not yet available on Blu-ray.

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