Gospel According to St Matthew

Official trailer (1964):

BFI trailer (2013):

Colourized trailer:

Complete dubbed film online (Hulu) (with ads):

Colourized and dubbed version online (Hulu) (with ads):


Gospel According to St Matthew (IMDb)
IMDb’s entry on Gospel According to St Matthew with full cast and crew, etc.

Gospel According to St Matthew (TCM)
TCM’s entry on the Gospel According to St Matthew.

Bible Films Blog: Gospel According to St Matthew
Matt Page’s posts on King of Kings on the Bible Films Blog.

Pasolini Visits the Holy Land
Blog post by Peter Chattaway on Seeking Locations in Palestine for The Gospel According to St. Matthew (1964), “a sort of diary-on-film in which Pasolini tours the Holy Land”

George Aichele, “Translation as De-canonization: Matthew’s Gospel According to Pasolini”
Cross Currents Winter 2002


Where can I get hold of The Gospel According to St Matthew?

  • Currently streaming for free on Hulu in both original and colourized formats (see above).  Note: both versions are dubbed and not subtitled.
  • Currently available to stream free on Amazon Prime (also available for purchase).  Note: this is also the dubbed version.
  • Recommended version: Dual Format Blu-ray + DVD, Region 2 (UK Import), with lots of special features including Sopralluoghi in Palestina.
  • There is also a cheaper DVD Vanilla Release (Amazon).
  • It is very easy to get hold of on Youtube (e.g. here), though it is not always easy to see how “official” these uploads are. The advantage of the Youtube upload is that it is the subtitled version.

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