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Welcome to Celluloid Jesus: The Christ Film Web Pages. These pages provide a comprehensive, annotated series of links to good internet material on Jesus films.  They are compiled by Mark Goodacre, Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins in the Department of Religious Studies, Duke University. They originally appeared on the internet in 2000 as part of the New Testament Gateway. They were temporarily retired in 2008 and now reappear, in 2015, at this new location.

Please email me with suggestions for updates and improvements. Thanks!

Celluloid Jesus currently consists of the following web pages:

Websites and Blogs

Online Articles



List of Films

I am gradually adding pages on each of the films.  See the menu on the right to see which I have added so far, or go to the Films list.

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  1. Dr Mark Goodacre Post author

    Thanks, yes; will be adding a page on the Lumo Project in due course.


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