Congratulations on the acceptance of your paper, Vicki!

We are proud to announce the acceptance of Vicki’s paper into the Journal of Economic Psychology!! The paper highlights that individuating information about people’s personal preferences, such as their favorite animal or a preferred food, can have differential effects for ingroup and outgroup members–it increases prosocial behavior toward outgroup members but leads to a decrease in prosocial behavior toward ingroup members. These results suggest that individuating information can help reduce group biases, but it does so at a cost to ingroup members.

Congratulations once more! You rock!

Congrats on your paper being published, Alex!


We are very proud to announce that Alex’s paper, ‘Shuffle the Decks: Children are Sensitive to Incidental Non-Random Structure in a Sequential Choice Task’, has been published in the top empirical journal – Psychological Science. The take-home message was that kids might look like they are making maladaptive decisions, but they instead may be sophisticated decision-makers trying to learn their world’s structure. 

Congratulations, Dr. Breslav! We look forward to more amazing projects from you!

Huettel Lab Get-Together!!

In our first meeting since the pandemic, the lab met at the R. L. Rigsbee Shelter in Duke Forest for a  potluck-style get-together.  All attendants were fully vaccinated. It also served as the going-away celebration for Alex, Andrea, and Kelsey, all of whom had successfully defended their dissertations! We wish them all the best in the next stage of their careers!!