Congrats on your paper being published, Alex!


We are very proud to announce that Alex’s paper, ‘Shuffle the Decks: Children are Sensitive to Incidental Non-Random Structure in a Sequential Choice Task’, has been published in the top empirical journal – Psychological Science. The take-home message was that kids might look like they are making maladaptive decisions, but they instead may be sophisticated decision-makers trying to learn their world’s structure. 

Congratulations, Dr. Breslav! We look forward to more amazing projects from you!

Huettel Lab Get-Together!!

In our first meeting since the pandemic, the lab met at the R. L. Rigsbee Shelter in Duke Forest for a  potluck-style get-together.  All attendants were fully vaccinated. It also served as the going-away celebration for Alex, Andrea, and Kelsey, all of whom had successfully defended their dissertations! We wish them all the best in the next stage of their careers!!