Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroeconomics draw on a number of disciplines and attracts people from all fields. The Huettel Lab is comprised of people from varied backgrounds, all with a unique perspective influenced by their respective academic backgrounds. Ranging from psychology & neuroscience to economics to biology, the Huettel Lab has a broad, diverse collection of researchers working in an open, collaborative lab to try and help further our understanding of human decision making.

Principal Investigator

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Scott Huettel

Graduate Students

Paul M
Paul McKee
Jade T
Jade Terry
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Deborah Cesarini

Postdoctoral Associates

Nitisha D
Nitisha Desai
Vicki Lee
Vicki Lee
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Abby Hsiung

Lab Managers

Clara received her B.S. in Neuroscience & B.A. in Studio Art from Bucknell University in 2020. She is broadly interested in the cognitive underpinnings of complex social behavior and decision-making. Her work explores how cognitive processes such as empathy/theory of mind, sensory perception, attention, memory, and imagination impact subjective representations as well as affective and behavioral manifestations within social contexts. She is especially interested in leveraging neuroimaging and eye-tracking methods to investigate the neural dynamics underlying prosocial behavior (or lack thereof) towards human outgroups, animals, and artificial intelligence.
Clara Sandu
Derrick is a graduate student with the Duke Bioethics and Science Policy program under the Duke Graduate School and the current Lab Manager for the Huettel Laboratory. Before Duke, he was a Neuroscience major at Michigan State University under the Mastercard Foundation Scholars program. His pastimes involve Non-profit work, cooking, and photography.
Derrick Dwamena


Ava Raffel

Katherine (Wanxin) Zhong

Rushil Knagaram

Austin Christley

Akhilesh Chegu

Austin Chang

Gabriela Nicolaievsky

Aryaman Dalal

Ivy Morin

Caroline Mays

Srinjoyi Lahiri

Sylvia Jacoby

Colin Belton

Catherine Kong


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