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The Huettel Lab comprises a diverse group of scholars and scientists at all levels. Whether you’re an undergraduate at Duke who has developed a new interest in neuroscience, or you’re a prospective graduate student looking to be part of our lab for the next few years, just send us an email to find out more about our opportunities.

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The Cognitive Neuroscience Research Internship (CNRI) is a fully paid semester-long research internship for Duke undergraduate students who want to learn how to conduct research on human behavior and cognition.


Undergraduate students who apply and are accepted into the program complete a semester-long team-based learning course that includes an introduction to psychological experimentation, programming (Python), hands-on research activities, and career development workshops. CNRI is a gateway to additional research opportunities in participating labs. Interested interns are invited to continue working with our graduate student mentors in their second semester and beyond.

The program is designed and led by graduate students and post-doctoral fellows affiliated with Duke’s Center for Cognitive Neuroscience. We aim to promote equitable access to cognitive neuroscience research by lowering the entry barrier into academic research and providing a comprehensive introduction to applied research methods.


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