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Join our group!

Interested in joining our research team? We try to post opportunities for Duke Undergraduates on Muser. If you are not a Duke undergraduate student, or if you don’t see us on Muser, please contact Dr. Haas directly to inquire about availability. And, please read the things to consider (below).

Things to consider:

  1. Time:  Research in chemistry takes a lot of time!  To get started in research during the school year, you’ll want at least two or three blocks of time that add up to 6-12 hours per week.  Otherwise, a summer research experience would be more appropriate.
  2. Your Interest:  What makes you excited and why are you interested in this research?  Since research is hard, it is important that you are joining a lab that has projects that you are VERY interested in. Chemistry is only worth doing if it is fun for you!
  3. The Mentor:  Are you the type who likes to be guided through your work step-by-step, or do you prefer to make decisions on your own even if you might make a mistake?  Maybe you know that you work best with lots of positive reinforcement, or maybe you work best when you are put in friendly competition with others.  These are things to consider and discuss with potential mentors before committing to a research experience.
  4. Commitment:  Are you just testing the waters to see what this lab or the research is like?  Or are you sure & ready to commit to a multi-year quest in preparation for the senior comp or grad school?  You can always change your mind later, but it is important to be open and honest about your commitment so that you can get the most out of a research experience. Your approach will vary depending on what timeframe you plan to be involved.
If you think that the Haas Lab is right for you, please check us out on Muser, or contact us for more information.