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CHEM 342: Bioinorganic Chemistry & Materials


This is a multi-disciplinary chemistry course in which faculty and students collaborate to apply fundamental principles of inorganic chemistry and biochemistry to develop community resource (CoRe) materials to help teach the world about Bioinorganic Chemistry. In this course, we have fun learning chemistry principles and applying them to develop educational videos, articles, and 3D molecular models. Our work is always in progress and can be viewed on LibreText, YouTube, Shapeways at the links below:

View our student-generated articles on LibreText!

View our student-generated videos on our Bioinorganic Chemistry YouTube Channel!

View, download, or print our molecular models on Shapeways!

Want to do this too!? Come join the party!

If you are a faculty who would like to do similar CoRe activities in your course, the materials below may help. Most of these documents are provided in Word format so that you can easily edit and adapt them for your course. If you are a student in my course, please feel free to take a look at how you’ll be assessed. These rubrics are also available for students on the course Blackboard site.