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CHEM 221: Organic Chemistry 1

How To Do Really Well
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Organic Chemistry 1 is the first semester of a 2-semester lecture/ lab sequence designed for Chemistry & Biology majors at Saint Mary’s College.  This is a challenging course that will push you to the limits and challenge you to improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills using a new language – organic chemistry.

Features of CHEM 221 include:

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If you are a student in organic chemistry, there are several resources that will help you succeed!  Below are some recommendations.  I want you to do well, so please follow this advice!!

  1. Use your professor!  Click here to make an appointment with me with google calendar!
  2. Use your textbook!  Its important to read your textbook.  The most critical thing you can do to succeed in this course, is to DO PROBLEMS!!!
  3. About those problems…. do them!!  Lots and lots of problems!  Your goals should be to do every problem in each chapter.  (Seriously…this is why I recommend up to 3 hours of practice per day!)
  4. To help you keep accountable for doing problems every day, sign up for and use our course on Sapling Learning!
  5. Use the lecture videos to help you learn the material.