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Emma Storm-born, Mother of Siderophores.

The Winter is Coming.File_000

Its the last week of classes, and the CHEM 342 students are getting restless, trying to win the title of best 3D-printed molecule. Emma, with her powerful siderophores, is winning Fe from the others. Jenna and Mary battle against her with their ferritin and transferrin.



A scientist abroad!

My summer lab-mates in the Bal Lab.
My super summer lab-mates in the Bal Lab at the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Polish Academy of Science, Warsaw, Poland.

Scientific research is all about hard-working people, working together to solve really important problems! We’ve engaged in a new collaboration with the Bal Lab at the Polish Academy of Sciences. Dr. Haas spent 8 weeks in Warsaw, Poland this summer on a mini research sabbatical! It was a wonderful experience and together we made some important discoveries about extracellular Cu coordination chemistry! Stay tuned and you will find out about our work in the literature soon!

Thank you Ewalina Stefaniak, Karolina Bossak, Ewa, Krzysztof Drabikowski, Marcin Grynberg, Wojtek Bal, Magda Sokołowska, Tomasz Frączyk (all pictured above),  Wojciech Wróblewski, Ola Sparavier, and Dawid Płonka for a wonderful Summer in Warsaw!

Congratulations, Christina!! Second place at the NIR Science and Engineering Fair!

Christina presented her research project at the Northern Indiana Regional Science and Engineering Fair today! She won Second Place! Congratulations, Christina! We are honored to have you on our team! You make us proud!

Christina is a junior at Marion High School. She wrote a winning grant application and received funding for her research through the Indiana Academy of Science!  We expect that her work will result in a publication in an ACS journal in the future. Look out, world! This girl is on fire! 🙂

Before winning. Christina poses with her beautiful data, which is well organized into an easy-to-follow poster!
After winning! Christina poses with her second place ribbon!

Dr. Haas named 2016 Cottrell Scholar!

Newly minted Cottrell Scholar Kathryn Haas, Saint Mary's College, receives a memento of her achievement from Rigoberto Hernandez, Johns Hopkins University. Hernandez is a 2016 TREE Award winner who became a Cottrell Scholar in 1999.
2016 Cottrell Scholar Kathryn Haas, Saint Mary’s College, receives a memento of her achievement from 1999 Cottrell Scholar and TREE awardee Rigoberto Hernandez, Johns Hopkins University, at the 2016 Cottrell Scholar Conference in Tucson, AZ.

Dr. Haas is honored and excited to become part of this innovative community of science educators! This award will provide research and travel funds for undergraduate women at Saint Mary’s College and will also be used to fund classroom technologies in Dr. Haas’s courses and the development of publicly available educational videos for STEM students.

“The Cottrell Scholar (CS) program champions the very best early career teacher-scholars in chemistry, physics and astronomy by providing these significant discretionary awards,” said RCSA President and CEO Robert N. Shelton.

Learn more about Research Corporation.

A new paper in JIB!

Congrats to Stefanie on her first-author paper! Way to go, superstar! You make us proud!

The paper was just accepted in the Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry. This is exactly three years after she first presented her work at the 2013 Bioinorganic Chemistry Gordon Research Seminar. Good things take time and teamwork!

This photo was taken Jan 26, 2013! Stefanie first presented her work at the Bioinorganic Chemistry Gordon Research Seminar in 2013. Now, its a paper in the Journal of Bioinorganic Chemistry. Congratulations, Stefanie! Stefanie Schwab is now pursuing her Ph.D. at Purdue.

First paper out of the Haas Lab!

This was a team effort!!

Congrats to Kati Shaw for her first publication ever!!
Thanks to Jake Pushie and Jason Shearer for data collection and for many, many enlightening conversations!
Thanks to Kathy Franz for lending us some lab space, her glove box, NMR time and all the resources we needed in the first year of this work!

We make a great team!!  And now we know a bit more about the great mystery of Ctr1 copper transport!

FirstPaper copy

Presenting Our Science

Sam Moorhead & Erin Reinhart. Fabulous scientists, fabulous company. I’m going to miss these girls!

Sam Moorhead & Erin Reinhart presented their projects for faculty & Board of Trustees members at the Saint Mary’s Senior Comprehensive Open House, April 17, 2014.  They both did a great job communicating their complicated projects to a general audience and wow’ed the faculty with their fabulous work!  Erin and Dr. Haas had the pleasure of meeting the fabulous Mrs. Maryjeanne R. Burke, who funded Erin’s SISTAR work last summer!  What a wonderful way to end our the semester.  Great job, Erin & Sam!  I couldn’t be more proud of both of you!