Schedule of Readings

Do not print this schedule. Subject to change at any time, up to the class meeting preceding that on which the assignment is due.

Th Jan. 12Introduction; lines 1-7 (see help sheet)
Tu Jan 17
Memorize vocabulary list for 1-32 (click to download)Read Book 1 (Α), lines 1-32
Th Jan 19Memorize vocabulary list for 33-67 Read lines 33-67
Tu Jan 24Memorize vocabulary list for 68-100 Read lines 68-100: Rapid Reading sheet (click to download)QUIZ on lines 1-100
Th Jan 26Memorize vocabulary list for 101-147 Read lines 101-147Begin to memorize lines 1-7
Tu Jan 31Memorize vocabulary list for 148-187 Read lines 148-187
Th Feb 2Memorize vocabulary list for 188-244 Read lines 188-244: Rapid Reading sheetQUIZ on lines 101-244
Tu Feb 7Homeric vocabulary 245-303Read lines 245-303Remember to finish memorizing lines 1-7
Th Feb 9Homeric vocabulary 304-363Read lines 304-317 + Rapid Reading Sheet 318-348 + lines 349-363
Tu Feb 14Review vocabulary: Homeric vocabulary summaryReview readings, including Rapid Reading sheets; review grammar & morphology highlighted in classFirst Hour Examination
Th Feb 16Read lines 364-412
Tu Feb 21Read lines 413-429 + Rapid Reading sheet for lines 430-492 (we will not get through all of this in class)scansion exercise: write out at home to work through in class
Th Feb 23Read lines 493-530The Nature of Formulaic poetry (waj)
Tu Feb 28Read lines 531-583
Th Mar 2Read lines 584-610 (& review 568-583!)Brief Writing assignment. Common topic: Donlan (see below*)
Tu Mar 7Read Book 2 (Β), lines 1-55Lines 56-83 at sight in class
Th Mar 9Read lines 84-141
S P R I N G    B R E A K
Tu Mar 21Read lines 141-196
Th Mar 23Read lines 197-242
Tu Mar 28Review for examSecond Hour Exam: take-home exam
Th Mar 30Read lines 243-283This is a short reading. Take the time to Isolate what you will be doing for your epideixis & start memorizing
Tu Apr 4Read lines 284-335
Th Apr 6Read lines 336-401
Tu Apr 11Read Book 24 (Ω), lines 472-551 (note: a long, stretch assignment!)
Th Apr 13PAPYRUS WORKSHOP: Meet at the entrance to the Rubenstein reading room.ΕΠΙΔΕΙΧΕΙΣ (extracurricular). For ἐπιδείξεις, see below**. (About here; exact date TBD)
Tu Apr 18Read lines 552-595
Th Apr 20Read lines 596-634
Tu Apr 25Read lines 635-691
R E A D I N G    P E R I O D
Take home exam due by noon May 2ReviewThird Hour Examination

*Donlan assignment: Read carefully Walter Donlan’s essay, “Duelling with Gifts in the Iliad: As the Audience Saw It,” Colby Quarterly 29 (1993) 155-172, and write a 2-page reaction paper: How does Donlan’s argument recast what we have read in Book 1? Is the argument convincing? Are there problems or limitations to this approach?

**ΕΠΙΔΕΙΧΕΙΣ: On an eventing in April you will give an ἐπίδειξις of your rhapsodic skills. You will recite from memory a passage of at least 10 lines from the Iliad. The lines can be from anywhere in the epic (excepting the proem!); and you are welcome, indeed encouraged, to select passages where you can recite, dialogue-wise, together with someone else in the class. Feel free to bring staffs, raiment, golden crowns, or whatever will help you feel inspired. I will have a rhapsode’s staff.