Final Exam

Part 1 will be a request that you write out the first seven lines of the Iliad in perfect Greek. Extra credit if you get the accents correct as well.

Parts 2-3 will be two passages from our readings since the last exam, that is, book 2, lines 243-401 and book 24, 472-691.

Part 4 will be another passage from our reading since the last exam, which you will not translate; instead, you will be asked to parse and explain forms and syntax.

Part 5 will be a brief passage to translate at sight.

The link below will allow you to download a PDF of the exam. DO NOT click on this link until you are ready to take the exam. You must take the exam in one sitting. You are not allowed to use any aids of any kind whatsoever. The exam is designed for 1.5 hours, but I recommend that you block out a 3 hour slot just to be sure. Type the exam as an MS Word document. (And, yes, it is fine to send a scan of your handwritten first seven lines.) When you are done with the exam, please email me the results.

The email must be time-stamped before midnight on Tuesday May 2.