Embedded Courses – Spring 2020

AMES 240S: Games and Culture, (Leo Ching & Shai Ginsburg)
TTh 10:05 – 11:20 AM, Link Classroom 6

ISS 125L: Foundations of Game Design, (
MW 4:40-5:55 PM, TBA

ISS 270S: Constructing Immersive Virtual Worlds, (Augustus Wendell)
W 10:05 AM – 12:35 PM, TBA

Embedded Courses – Fall 2019

AMES476S: Archiving and Visualizing Asia, (Nayoung Aimee Kwon)
TuTh 1:25PM – 2:40PM, Languages 312

AMES 576S: Archiving and Visualizing Asia: Politics of Poetics of Knowledge Production (Nayoung Aimee Kwon).
TuTh 1:25PM – 2:40PM, Languages 312

Affiliated Courses – Fall 2019

ISS320: Introduction to Programming and User Interface Design in Unity3D (David J. Zielinski ).
Tu 4:55PM-7:25PM, Link Classroom 6 

PSY258: Decision Neuroscience (Scott Huettel).
MW 10:05AM-11:20AM, Perkins 088

DECSCI/PSY141 101: Fundamentals of Decision Science, (Rosa, Li).
MW 10:05AM-11:20AM, Old Chem 116.

Spring 2019 Courses

AMES 455S: The World of Gaming 
Tu 03:05 PM-05:35 PM, Link Classroom 6, (Nayoung Aimee Kwon )

AMES 495: Collaborative Research: Game Lab
Email Shai Ginsburg (shai.ginsburg@duke.edu) for details.

Fall 2018 Courses 

AMES 440S Games and Culture
W 01:25 PM-03:55 PM, Franklin Center 230, ( Leo Ching& Shai Ginsburg)