The Games & Culture Lab is a Mellon-funded initiative coordinated by the Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (AMES) faculty here at Duke to explore games throughout history and in contemporary society and culture. Games and Culture is part of a new 5-year Andrew W. Mellon Foundation-funded Humanities Unbound project. We are also proud to partner with the Duke Game Lab (located in the Perkins Link) to imagine the future of gaming pedagogy and foster a collaborative, creative community in gaming here at Duke.

The Lab asks 4 related questions: What roles do games play in our culture? How do games reflect and represent our culture? Can we use games to enhance our college classrooms? Can we make games as social and cultural intervention? In short, we study culture, we study games, and we develop games.

The Lab includes 4 streams:



Exploring the connection between storytelling, narratives, and games.


Carlos Rojas (


Language Pedagogy and Games


Looking at the possible uses of games in foreign language classes.




Gaming and Society 


Focuses on the gaming industry and its social relations.


Nayoung Aimee Kwon (


Spring 2019 Courses:
AMES 455S: The World of Gaming



Game Design


Students decide on an issue, research it, and develop a game to address it.


Leo Ching (


Spring 2019 Courses:
AMES 495: Collaborative Research



To learn more about Games & Culture, please e-mail us at or visit us in the Duke Game Lab (Link Classroom 6).