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The following is a list of smaller, publicly available data sets. For access to larger data sets or if you have questions about access to proprietary data, please email dus_asst@econ.duke.edu.


Description of Data

Paper Title



Economic Situations Social Distance Economic Situations and Social Distance: Taxation and Donation Alexander Brandt 2022
WVS data The Russian Maternity Capital Policy: Two Models Jackson Cooksey 2022
Donbas Yearly Data Economic Effects of the War in Donbas: Nightlights and the Ukrainian fight for freedom Riad Kanj 2022
ESG Rating And Disclosure Data The Effect of Sustainability Reporting on ESG Ratings Arthur Leutkemeyer 2022
STAR Students Data Peer Effects & Differential Attrition: Evidence from Tennessee’s Project STAR Sanjay Satish 2022
Impact of Utility-Scale Solar Farms on Property Values in North Carolina Megan Wang 2022
Film Casting and Earnings Data Analysis of the Impact of Gender and Age of Protagonists in Top-Grossing Films from 2000-2019 on Film Success Daniella Welton 2022
Federal Reserve Economic Data After The Mega-Buyout Era: Do Public-to-Private Transactions Still Outperform? Bryn Wilson 2022
Refinance Survey Data Heterogeneity in Mortgage Refinancing Julia Wu 2022
Cobalt Market Data Forecasting the Effects of Battery Recycling on the Global Cobalt Market Elena Cavallero 2021
Bosnia Conflict Data The Impact of Conflict on Economic Activity: Night Lights and the Bosnian Civil War Stephanie Dodd 2021
Task Characteristics And Share Change Predicting the Work Task Replacement Effects of the Adoption of Machine Learning Technology Shreya Hurli 2021
Brain Diagnoses CTE Data Analysis of Brain Diagnoses and the Incidence of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) Arjun Lakhanpal 2021
Myocardial Infarction Health Behavior and the Grossman Model Data Myocardial Infarction, Health Behavior, and the Grossman Model Emma Marie Mehlhop 2021
PO Data Informing the Investor: A Comparative Analysis of the Importance of Pre-Initial Public Offering (IPO) Information on Stock Performance Paul Snyder 2021
Payment Data The Effects of Leveraged Buyouts on Health Outcomes Robert Williams 2021
Data from financial statements of selection of eurozone companies impacted by the ECB’s CSPP from 2008 – 2019 Where did the money go? Impact of the ECB’s Corporate Sector Purchase Program on eurozone corporate spending Tina Tian 2020
Food and Drug Administration Data on Medical Device Applications from 1976 to 2019 Competition and Innovation: Evidence from Third-Party Reprocessing in the Medical Device Industry Varun Prasad 2020
Buyout Acquisition Premium Data Determining the Drivers of Acquisition Premiums in Leveraged Buyouts Peter Noonan 2020
Capital Investment Data Private Equity Buyouts and Strategic Acquisitions: An Analysis of Capital Investment and the Timing of Takeovers in the United States Anthony Melita 2020
Chinese Foreign Direct Investment and Government-to-Government Loan Data Investigating the Impact of Chinese Financing on Productivity in the African Continent Kedest Mathewos 2020
Sneaker Resale Transaction Data (Email for Access) Hedonic Pricing in the Sneaker Resale Market Kevin Ma, Matthew Treiber 2020
Hospital Visit Data (Email for Access) The Effects of Health IT Innovation on Throughput Efficiency in the Emergency Department Michael Levin 2020
2007-2009 Global Financial Crisis Bankruptcy Data (Email for Access) Forecasting Corporate Bankruptcy: Applying Feature Selection Techniques to the Pre-and Post-Global Financial Crisis Environments Parker Levi 2020
Inpatient Data The Impact of Medicare Nonpayment: A Quasi-Experimental Approach Audrey Kornkven 2020
High School Longitudinal Study of 2009 (Email for Access) Bridging the Persistence Gap: An Investigation of the Under-representation of Female and Minority Students in STEM Fields Aaditya Jain, Bailey Kaston 2020
Panel Data Comparing the Performance of Active and Passive Mutual Funds in Developing and Developed Countries Nalini Gupta 2020
Motor Vehicle Negligence Jury Verdict Data Variability in Jury Awards for Noneconomic Damages in Motor Vehicle Negligence Cases Max Cherman 2020
Panel Survey, Demographic, GIS and Charitable Giving Data Nonprofit Location, Survival, and Success: A Case Study of El Sistema USA Andie Carroll 2020
Cannabis Sale and Tax Revenue Data Taxing Marijuana and the Road to Reparations: Comparing the Colorado and Illinois Cannabis Markets Tommaso Carlo Filippo Babucci 2020
Google Trends data ICT Behavior at the Periphery Erik Hanson, Justin LoTurco 2019
FTSE100 Previous Constituents from 1995 to 2018 (Email for Access)
Overreaction in the Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE) Yusuke Legard 2019
Film Data The Impact of Originality in a Transitioning Movie Industry Jacob Graber-Lipperman 2019
Data Sourced from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Current Population Survey Family Leave and Child Care Policy Across States: Implications for Labor Force Participation Over Time Kelly Albert 2019
Panel Data from the Survey of Household Income and Wealth Social Capital and Financial Development after Economic Shocks: Evidence from Italy after the Financial Crisis of 2007-2009 Ethan Lampert, Sujay Rao 2019
Model Output, Electricity and Price data, Carbon Price Data, and Electricity Generators used in this study (Email for Access)
Responses to EU Carbon Pricing: The Effect of Carbon Emissions Allowances on Renewable Energy Development in Advanced and Transitional EU Members John Dearing 2019
Electricity Price, Generation, Installed Capacity, and Carbon Price Data from the European Union from January 2015 to December 2018 Cashing Out the Benefits: The Spillover Impact of Cash Transfers on Household Educational Investment Matheus Dias, Mitchell Ochse 2019
Daily report numbers by subgroup, search volume, and columns for IV analysis Does Media Coverage of Sexual Assault Cases Cause Victims to Go to the Police? Evidence from FBI Data and Google Trends Harry Elworthy 2019
Return on Average Assets (Email for Access) Investigating the Costs of Religious Observance: Cross-Country Analysis of Islamic Banking Myla Swallow, Richard Vargo 2019
Acceptance Rates for Asylum Seekers in the European Union from 2000-2016 Asylum Determination within the European Union (EU): Whether Capacity and Social Constraints Impact the Likelihood of Refugee Status Determination Louden Richason 2019
Monthly Returns and CSAD for 11 Different Industries in 8 Different Countries Wrangling the Herd: A Cross-Cultural and Cross-Industry Approach to Herding Market Behavior Tyler Fenton, Jarred Kotzin 2019
Regression discontinuity design on a gravity model of trade among 36 Middle Eastern and East Asian countries between 1980 and 2014 (Email for Access) The Future of Economic Geopolitics: Network Effects in Intercultural Trade Joshua Curtis 2019
College Admissions and Athletics Data The Impact of Collegiate Athletic Success and Scandals on Admissions Applications William Battle-McDonald 2019
Market Condition Data Investigating a Case of Alleged Collusion in Michigan Public Oil and Gas Lease Auctions Lucas Do 2019
Merged Data from the Mexican Family Life Survey and INEGI Homicide Data (Email for Access) The Impact of Violence in Mexico on Education and Labor Outcomes: Do Conditional Cash Transfers Have a Mitigating Effect? Haley Barton 2019
IFLS Modules and Gold Pricing Data 24K Magic: Evidence on Maternal Asset Ownership and Children’s Long Term Outcomes in Indonesia Maya Durvasula 2018
CoreLogic Housing Transaction Data (Email For Access) The Impact of Environmental Disamenities on Property Values: Evaluation the Municipal Fringe Ryan Hoecker 2018
United States Temp. and Demographic Data Global Warming and Obesity: The Effect of Ambient Temperature on BMI Aakash Jain 2018
Bond Data An Analysis of Passive and Active Bond Mutual Fund Performance Michael Kiffel 2018
Metro Entrepreneurial Data Entrepreneurial Attractiveness: Amazon, Google, and the Search for Innovative Hot Spots Anna Kropf 2018
Forward DE, Baseline Valuation and Combined Model Data Evaluation of the Impact of New Rules in FCC’s Spectrum Incentive Auction Elizabeth Lim, Akshaya Trivedi and Frances Mitchell 2018
Multi-Horizon Forecast Data Multi-Horizon Forecast Optimality Based on Related Forecast Errors Christopher MacGibbon 2018
Saudi Arabia Economic Performance Data The Impact of a Fixed Exchange Rate Regime on Growth and Volatility in an Oil-dependent Economy Shihab Malik and Faisal Alsaadi 2018
NLSY79 Housing Commute Data The Toll of Commuting: The Effects of Commute Time on Well-Being M. Thomas Marshall Jr. 2018
Patent Data Evaluating the Forward Citations-Patent Value Relationship: The Role of Competition Neelesh Moorthy 2018
NLS Children and Young Adults Data The Effects of Parental Division of Employment on Child Outcomes During Adulthood Meredith Parenti 2018
Bitcoin Variables and Twitter Sentiment Data Effect of Sentiment on Bitcoin Price Formation Brian Perry-Carrera 2018
LPPL Model Index Data Evaluating Asset Bubbles within Cryptocurrencies using the LPPL Model Rafal Rokosz 2018
Medical Expenditure Panel Survey Data Assessing the Impacts of an Aging Population on Rising Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Expenditures within the United States Rahul Sharma 2018
Tennis Match Data Incentives to Quit in Men’s Professional Tennis: An Empirical Test of Tournament Theory Will Walker 2018
Miami-Dade district data Perceptions vs. Reality: School Climate in Miami-Dade County Makda Habtom and Yuliya Kozina 2017
Japanese income and population data by town Japan’s Furusato Nouzei (Hometown Tax): Which Areas Get How Much, and Is It Really Working? Kay Hasegawa 2017
Employment indices covariates data Segregation, Bargaining Power and Environmental Justice Kai Yu Lee 2017
License and bidder data Structural Estimation of FCC Bidder Valuation Renhao Tan, Zachary Lim, and Jackie Xiao 2017
Regional data on each country explored The Puzzle of Mobile Money Markets: An Example of Goldilocks Conditions Ricardo Martínez-Cid and Gonzalo Pernas 2017
Data sourced from Datastream fuel price The Impact of Fossil Fuel Prices on Alternative Energy Stocks Roman Milioti 2017
Monthly returns of the funds used, Fama-French Economic model, STATA regression results, and the tables used in the paper Vanguard’s Index Funds vs. Vanguard’s Managed Funds: a Nine Style Box and Fama-French Multi-Variable Regression Approach Susheel Nalla 2017
Variable constructed from World Bank Group’s Women, Business, and the Law 2012 database The Effects of Religion and Patriarchal Norms on Female Labor Force Participation Chidinma Hannah Nnoromele 2017
Team level offensive and defensive statistics, records of free agent and arbitration contracts as well as past individual statistics for the players signing those contracts, and yearly team payroll figures What Gets Paid? Analyzing the Major League Baseball Contract Market Brian Pollack 2017
Two datasets used to calculate measures of gentrification The Link between Gentrification and Displacement and the Effects of Displacement on Residents in Los Angeles County Ashley Qiang 2017
Data covers exchange rate, investment, and control variable data for all of the countries in the study The Investment Cost of Currency Crises in Emerging Markets: An Empirical Treatment from 1994-2015 Eric Ramoutar 2017
Payroll performance data on professional sports teams Team Payroll Versus Performance in Professional Sports: Is Increased Spending Associated with Greater Success? Grant Shorin  2017
NBA franchise panel data Determinants of Franchise Value in the National Basketball Association Matthew Van Liedekerke 2017
Indian urban health data The Neighborhood Effect on Health Outcomes for Women in Urban India Priyanka Venkannagari 2017
Complete variable set used for the paper Macroeconomic and Capital Market Determinants of Venture Capital Investment  Jeffrey Zeren 2017
Statistics and google search data on favorites and underdogs Determinants of NFL Spread Pricing: Incorporation of Google Search Data Over the Course of the Gambling Week Shiv S. Gidumal and Roland D. Muench 2017
National longitudinal survey of youth 1979 for BMI calculation Obesity and its Impact on Job Quality Kelly Lessard 2016
Monthly return data on stock indices from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom Dealing with Data: An Empirical Analysis of Bayesian Black-Litterman Model Extensions Daniel Roeder 2015
Cross sectional data on GDP per capita and social characteristics of each respective country The Implications of Population Aging for Economic Growth a Regional Comparative Study Paige Muggeridge 2015
The New Landscape of the NBA: The 2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement’s Impact on Competitive Balance and Players’ Salaries Nichoals Yam 2015
The Effect of Minority History on Racial Disparities in the Mortgage Market: A Case Study of Durham and New Haven Jisoo Yoon 2015
A computational model of food choice: Utility optimization through external cuing and heuristic search Lucie Yang 2015
Data on US energy consumption, costs, and demand Optimizing the Electricity Bill Creating a two-part electricity tariffs to induce a targeted level of rooftop solar adoption while meeting utility operating expenses Hoel Weisner 2015
IMF data on industrial output, CPI, interest rate, exchange rates, and debt Understanding the Argentine Peso’s Devaluation in 2014 —Analysis on Argentina’s Fiscal Sustainability from 1993 to 2013 Feng Pan 2015
Estimates of stock portfolio betas (EMAIL FOR ACCESS) Conditional Beta Model for Asset Pricing by Sector in the U.S. Equity Markets Yuci Zhang 2014
Performance of shooters in all professional men’s penalty kick shootouts, 1972 – 2013  Optimal Lineups in Penalty Kick Shootouts: An Empirical and Theoretical Investigation Lucas Hubbard 2014
Cross-sectional data from the Microfinance Information Exchange (EMAIL FOR ACCESS) What is the Effect of Regulatory Supervision on the Profitability and Outreach of Microfinance Institutions? Nikolaus Axmann 2014
Defensive medicine data with claims (or without claims) Has Tort Reform Been Effective in Abating the Medical Malpractice Crisis? An Empirical Analysis from 1991 – 2012 Raj Singh 2014
Video game sales data Video Game Sales: Does Diversity Play? Helena Wu 2014
Housing transaction data from Dataquick Information Services via U.S. EPA (EMAIL FOR ACCESS) Exceeding the Threshold: Analysis of Public Information Transfer using Instrumental Variables Gabrielle Inder 2014
Household and child characteristics of villages with SHGs The Impact of Micro-Banking on Health: Evidence from Self-Help Group Involvement and Child Nutrition Madeline McKelway 2014
Are the Chinese Altruistic? Explaining Motives behind Chinese Intergenerational Transfers using the Strategic Bequest Motive Lucy Yin 2014
The Impact of Online Streaming on Primetime Viewership An Econometric Analysis of Technological Change, Network Practices and Audience Behavior Yeshwanth Kandimalla 2014
Data on Congressional candidate winners of the 106th to the 110th Congress and state legislative candidates of their net worth, gender, race, chamber and the congressional election they participated in  Determining the Effect of Personal and Familial Wealth on Congressional and State Legislative Election Outcomes Anisha Khemlani 2014
Marijuana Pricing Structure and State-Level Price Determinants Rebecca Li 2014
The effect of Mexico’s Conditional Cash Transfer Program on Migration Decisions Aki Ishikawa 2014
Corporate Financial Distress and Bankruptcy Prediction in North American Construction Industry Gang Li 2014
Data on newspaper circulation The Determination of Newspaper Slant in Small Markets Jordyn Gracey 2014
Undergraduate Education and the Gender Wage Gap: An Analysis of the Effects of College Experience and Gender on Income Kelsey Siman 2014
Key macroeconomic indicators that determine their relationship with military and non-military government spending The Economic Effects of Military and Non-Military Government Spending Patrick Royal 2014
Description of Data Paper Title Author Year