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Steps to Text

Hours of Service

  • For Spring 2023, DukeLine will re-open January 19th from 5-11 PM for all Duke students.

1. Text DukeLine at (984) 230-4888

Use an electronic device to text (984) 230-4888 about whatever is on your mind! DukeLine ensures every user’s privacy and confidentiality, however our system does maintain some information—including phone numbers and conversation history. This helps us foster deeper connections between our Peer Coaches and users by not making a repeating user re-text their situation. It is also important for us in cases when a Peer Coach finds it necessary to transfer you to a mental health professional.

2. Complete A Brief Pre-Text Survey

In order to better understand your thoughts and feelings, we ask all users to answer a brief pre-text survey.

3. Have a Conversation with One of Our Peer Coaches

  • Whether you’re seeking advice or simply want someone who can lend an ear to listen, our Peer Coaches have been trained to handle mental health, academic, relational, and physical challenges that students may be experiencing and we are knowledgeable about a wide range of campus resources. You can visit our Reasons to Text page for some example situations you may want to text us about !

4. End the Conversation and Complete a Post-Conversation Survey

Conversations last as long as you would like them to, and you can end a conversation by texting “[END CHAT]”.

Once a conversation ends you will be asked to complete a brief post-conversation survey.